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A Nepali podcast breaking the rooted silence on menstruation and debunking myths, taboos, and stigma

Latest Episodes

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  • Episode 72 Living with PCOS

  • Episode 22 Period Kaa Kura from Burma

  • Episode 56- Perimenopause and Menopause

  • Episode 58- Period In Prison

  • Episode 59- Breaking Menstrual Taboos

  • Episode 60- 'Men' in Menstruation

  • Episode 61- Period Talk with Mother

  • Episode 62- What Do You Know About Your Period

  • Episode 63- Getting to the Root of PCOS

  • Episode 64- Is It Not Time We Diversify Menstrual Activism?

  • Episode 65- I'm not a woman, but I'm menstruating

  • Episode 66- Bleeding Without Shame

  • Episode-67--Chhaupadi-in-Nepal

  • Episode 69- Menstruation in Mountains

  • Episode 70- Emotional Wave in Period

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Our Team

Priyanka Budhathoki

Priyanka Budhathoki, with over a decade of experience in communications, is a co-creator of Podcast Period Kaa Kura.  She is a passionate storyteller and a champion of dignified menstruation. Years of friendship and sisterhood with Shristi resulted in bringing out the silenced voice about menstruation, creating space for all menstruators to speak up against all taboos, stigma and raising voices for dignified menstruation. With each episode, Priyanka invites you to join these crucial and empowering conversations about menstruation, breaking the silence, shattering the stigma, and shedding light on menstrual justice and health rights. 

Shristi Kafle

Shristi Kafle is a journalist by profession, having worked for the international media for the last few years. She writes on various issues covering from politics to environment to social. She has a keen interest in bringing out human interest stories from across the country. In 2020, she co-founded Period Kaa Kura in an effort to end the period stigma and taboos in Nepal and raise awareness for dignified menstruation. Through the podcast, she is on a journey of normalizing menstruation.

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Period Kaa Kura is a personal initiation of the creators. For collaboration, please reach us at: periodkakura@gmail.com

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